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Ms. Novelty’s steps to business success in the World of Cigars

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Meet Sandra.

Sandra Mayo, a cigar aficionada by education and cigar lover by nature, is the creator of Novelty Cigar Bar and Lounge.

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A Force Multiplier

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Sandra Mayo, known throughout the cigar industry as Ms. Novelty, has a special knack for bringing people with purpose to the forefront of her efforts. She effectively builds connections between people who smoke cigars, who educate, who love to have fun and people who use all of the above to create a new kind of lifestyle experience.

A Novelty Experience

Changing the Landscape

As Sandra and Novelty Cigar Bar travel across the nation for the #MsNoveltyTour, we try new sticks and form strong alliances with new friends! Our most notable stops this year have been in Las Vegas, Philadelphia, DC, and Atlanta with a slew of other cities mixed in.

Education of the Leaf

A special component of Novelty Cigar Bar is our dedication to community education for both Cigar Aficionados and entry-level cigar lovers through high-quality graphics, videos, and conversations with our community.

Most Anticipated Lounge in NC

Novelty Cigar Bar and Lounge is slated to open in the Spring of 2022, but that hasn't stopped us from giving back to back vibrant pop-up experiences as we travel throughout the country.

The buzz is in the air and a question we are asked daily is "When can we experience the Novelty lounge in person!?"

Notable Accomplishments

Top Ranked Ambassador for Cigar Pxrn

Sandra became the first woman ambassador of Cigar Pxrn in May 2021, orchestrated 2 cigar branded fashion shows, and created highly efficient promotional marketing which resulted in the sales of cigars, t-shirts and other merch

Featured Partner

It’s our pleasure to introduce our featured alliance, Divine Leaf Tobacco Co., to our Novelty community ⚜️

We have a lot of beautiful things cooking for 2022 and we’re so excited to introduce this alliance to end this year off with a bang!

Novelty Cigar Bar and Lounge 💛


Always thinking a step ahead, when Sandra hears a solid mission and purpose, she immediately begins moving with intention to create waves. The following brands are those we've had the pleasure of aligning with.

Title Sponsor for Pro Boxer, NYFW Designer, and LOYF

Through niche brand The Brown Circle, Sandra serves to elevate small businesses through community building, thought leadership, financial support and lightworking. Sandra currently sponsors Professional boxer Michael J. Williams, NYFW Designer Ruth Ester, and has previously sponsored youth to send to college through the Land on Your Feet foundation.

Ms. Novelty

Sandra Mayo aka "Ms. Novelty" is currently serving as Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer with one of the largest behavioral health company's in the State of North Carolina. She has over 20 years of experience in business administration.  She specializes in a cross-functional skill set in marketing, business development, and finance.

She has prior experience as a coordinator in the music industry and entertainment sector. She is a powerful force in the workplace and uses her positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed. Novelty Cigar Bar and Lounge is a long-awaited dream that is now coming to fruition.

Bringing fellow sisters and brothers of the leaf together one cigar at a time is truly her passion. Educating others on the leaf while providing a "safe haven" for like-minded cigar enthusiasts is the mission for Novelty Cigar Bar and Lounge. 

Her experience with smoking a cigar is like a "never-ending pinch-me moment"

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